TOOLS: HDML Cloner Box Pro
A quick look at a piece of hardware that can record HD digital video from any source

I’ve used this box as a simple tool to “DVR” my computer screen without using up any additional memory on my PC. Most of the computer footage on my 360° video tutorials was captured using this. 

All you need to do is plug it in, connect it to your computer, using the HDMI “In” port (see below), and connect a thumb drive to the HDML box using the USB port (this will store the video files you record. A 16GB USB drive comes with the kit). 

Then hit the “1080p” button at the bottom of the remote control (this is the highest resolution, and will make sure the box records as much of the screen as possible. When you’re ready, hit the “Record” button on the remote.

You can also connect the HDML box to a separate display monitor to ‘preview’ exactly what the box is recording. Just connect it to a second screen using the HDMI “Out” port.

This kit presents a nice easy fix if you’re accepting video footage from a police department, store, or security surveillance that is still using an obscure system of video. If they don’t have a system in place for accepting or converting old video files, you will.

This box can accept and record video both from HDMI and MMI (VGA/Composite) video sources. You can make .mp4 recordings of the video and store them on a thumb drive or record them directly to your computer using the “Cloner Helper” software.

The latest version of the Cloner Box Helper software can also broadcast and stream live via OBS and other open source live-streaming software.

You can find a more in depth breakdown of how the Cloner Box Pro works here

And check out the full kit here.