PROJECT: The Video Lab West V.R. Experience
Explore a preview of Video Lab West in fully immersive virtual reality

WATCH: The Video Lab West VR Experience

About the Video Lab West VR Experience

Video Lab West is the ‘wave of the future’ for us. A home for talented storytellers, cutting-edge technology, and immersive experiences that could change the way audiences relate to news. And since showing is more powerful than telling, we set out to make our own fully explorable, interactive virtual reality game: one that would introduce you not only to the people and places that make up Video Lab West, but also the very tools we used to bring the tour to life. Video Lab West VR, which debuted at the Online News Association Conference in 2017, combined the first-person controls and interactivity of a video game with the reality-capturing tools from our lab (including the Depthkit rig that filmed 3-D greetings from our team leaders and the photogrammetry kit we used to digitally render our new office space) to transport users to a virtual ‘tour’ of VLW’s present and future.

About Video Lab West

Video Lab West will be a destination where we'll advance emerging forms of nonfiction storytelling. Our creator community will connect, exchange knowledge and experiment with purpose in an effort to deliver new products and experiences, starting with VR, AR and 360 video. Based at Sacramento Valley Station - just a train ride away from Silicon Valley - the lab will be a hub for journalism and technology communities inside McClatchy and beyond. The lab is a reflection of McClatchy’s commitment to storytelling, and we're ready to forge ahead and define what's next.