360° Video Post-Production 101
Use Adobe Premiere and the Skybox 360/VR plugin to edit your 360° video clips

360° Video Post Production 101:

Editing With Adobe Premiere

Covered in this section:

  1. Setting up your plugins and preview window
  2. Basic do's and don'ts of 360 editing
  3. Mettle Skybox 360/VR Effects
  4. Fixing and Enhancing Video
  5. Adding image overlays

Editing with Final Cut Pro

Covered in this section:

  1. Setting up a 360 project
  2. Image Adjustment and Reorientation
  3. Adding 2D Objects
  4. Additional Effects
  5. Exporting in 360

Further Steps: 

For more advanced tools and methods for 360 editing, see our write up on How to Use After Effects for 360 Post Production and check out the Skybox tutorials at Mettle.com